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Parvaneh Roudgar

Parvaneh Roudgar is an acclaimed international artist with works exhibited in different cities around the world. Parvaneh began her journey in art in 1986 in Florence and worked with renowned artists such as Antonio Di Tommaso and Marcello Fantoni. With over 35years of experience as an artist and teacher, Parvaneh has had many national and international exhibitions and has been the recipient of numerous prizes and commissions.

Living in Canada for the last 23 years, Parvaneh has worked within different cultures, and this co-mingling of traditions is poignantly evocative within her different styles of work. Alongside her figurative works , Parvaneh has an extensive collection of geometric and abstract sculptures. These “Construction Sculptures” arise from the analyses of the concept of “geometric abstraction”: an analysis deriving from an ancient Persian culture which has been characterised by such qualities for thousands of years.

Parvaneh’s works are exhibited in many different countries in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Her most recent outdoor exhibition was in Sydney 2018 at the Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi.

In 2020 her sculpture “Migration” was installed permanently in Currumbian Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast, Australia. In 2017, Parvaneh’s work “Mother and Child” was commissioned and permanently installed in the Inlet Skytrain Station in Port Moody (Canada) as part of the city’s Evergreen Project. In 2009, her work, “Cosmos Flower”, was one of the winners of the outdoor sculpture competition for BC and Washington and was exhibited in the city for two years. This competition was organized by the city of Anacortes, Washington.
Parvaneh’s works have been selected as part of the collection of the Salsali’s museum in Dubai and different projects have been exhibited as permanent outdoor sculptures in North America and Iran.

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