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Roman Kuzmichev

Transformation, innovation, and exploration define my journey. Born in Russia in 1989, I've been driven to beautify the world. My carpentry adventure began in 2017 with woodturning courses, leading to unique creations like bowls and vases. Ordinary items, like cutting boards, became extraordinary in my hands.

My ambition grew, and I expanded my toolkit with chainsaws and chisels, transforming wood into art that transcends boundaries. My works, especially the 'WINDOW' series, blend materiality with deep concepts, reflecting my interactions with the environment, people, and history.

The 'WINDOW' series provokes thoughts about place and existence. Each window, a symbol, prompts viewers to consider what's visible and hidden. It represents a barrier, yet invites curiosity about the unseen. These pieces are not just sculptures; they're invitations to explore the unknown, encapsulating my artistic philosophy: turning the mundane into the magical, and constantly pushing the limits of creativity.

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