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David Richer

David Richer began drawing and story writing at an early age. While in grade school, he was one of two chosen to attend a special writing class at a neighbouring school. Throughout his childhood David was always active in arts and in sports and excelled in math and science. In his 20’s he moved to Vancouver to study Industrial Design. It was here in Vancouver that he met one of his mentors who brought him into the world of finance where he flourished.

This didn’t stop him from continuing his artistic endeavours which culminating in a large solo exhibition of his paintings in 2004. In 2008 David moved to Latin America where he learned Spanish and focused on business. It wasn’t until 2014 that David moved back to Canada and began to realign his attention to the arts, music, painting, and storytelling as well as business and finance to live a more balanced life.

In December of 2023 he published his second Children’s book and continues to create art out of his Vancouver based home studio.

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