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Catalina Kim

Catalina (Ye-Lynn) Kim is a Korean-Canadian contemporary artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work draws inspiration from the uniting force that creates and lives within all living beings - the essence where human emotion and consciousness are rooted. Since her youth, Catalina was driven by a desire to explore what connects humans - individuals and as societies - beyond the physical realm.

This curiosity led her on journeys across South America and Asia, where she delved into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and explored the ethereal forces shaping our existence. Animals often feature in her art, serving as symbols that bridge specific ideas or experiences to the broader spectrum of the human condition.

Today, Catalina’s work serves as a channel for her ever-evolving tapestry of the thoughts, energies, and the fluidity encapsulating her perception of the world. "Everything in the universe is connected in some way, shape, or form - from a caged tiger to the euphoria of oxytocin in a passionate romance. It is up to the individual viewer to find meaning and connection in what's presented. I am simply the messenger." - Catalina

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