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Ryan Manahan

I consider myself an ‘intuitive painter’. My emotions are crucial for my practice. I am often left empty after a day of painting, looking in awe on what I’ve created. I work quickly and that often doesn’t allow for me to overanalyze my paintings.

This way of working has stemmed from an education focused on conceptual art. I had to use deep thought in my practice and I was required to study drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and design.

I went in only knowing the basics of painting. I was taught to make artwork that filled space and invited the viewer into a relationship with the work. I could feel and mould work in a way I wasn’t used to.

I took risks and continue to take risks now. I left the program with a freedom to fail and change what I am doing instantly. I am interested in processes of experimentation, deconstruction, and impression making. My recent work has focused on my own feelings of disassociation. I explore this with bold colours and gestures.

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