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Joanne Probyn

Joanne Probyn is a contemporary abstract painter also known for hand embroidery. Her work communicates with the intimacy of a personal journal and a focus on social issues. Themes of unity and growth continue throughout her new body of work.

Growth is tied to renewal, collaboration and optimism. Joanne’s move to Eastside Atelier has allowed her to expand the size of her work to meet her vision. Her largest painting to date is a mural study, Let’s Grow Together. This show took over two full-time years to produce spanning 2019 to 2021, with a large part of the production throughout the pandemic. Elements challenge time and space. Fragmentation speaks to parts of a whole, multiple perspectives and inclusivity while encouraging travel across the painting. Joanne also invites the viewer to enjoy the potentials of movement and change with her. Her paintings spin, bend, whirl, soar and dance. Joanne’s art is informed by her music and dance practices, as well as relocation and personal change. Her paintings are inspired by expressionists and are designed to evoke an emotional response. Previously, Joanne incorporated lace in her Sewn Open Series.

She creates the fibre work herself in the new Ageless and Evergreen body of work. This connects Joanne with a long line of creative women including her great grandmother who made bobbin lace.

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