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Donna Giraud

I am an abstract painter that creates large scale, textural statement artworks. Based near the stunning mountains of North Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, my studio offers a quaint and inviting experience. Having recently closed our gallery which I ran with three other artists for four years in downtown Vancouver, I am proud to be back painting in my home town where I can truly focus on creating art that makes people feel something wonderful.

Committed to creating artworks that evoke intense emotions that we can all relate to, my heavy use of texture and subtle layers of paint often offer the viewer a moment of pause. I create gestural shapes and moods that make people reflect and feel tranquil at the same time. Since 2017, I have been a full-time artist after I decided I could still heal people through art rather than physically by being a nurse, which I did for 14 years. 22 years in total, I have been honoured to adorn the walls of hundreds of family homes, offices and commercial spaces all over Canada, USA and Mexico.

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