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Colin Lagat

Colin Lagat
Born in Dallas, Texas, Collin is an abstract expressionist with a background in architectural drafting.

An architect turned artist. An overbearing fixation on structural design. A sarcastic tone of portrayal. The City Block Series is one made from geometric forms, producing a prospective to get lost in.

Each of these are made solely from polygonal shapes, in a depth-inducing variety of colors to create a clear image out of messy layers. Maintaining a degree of abstraction, the cityscapes pictured (though based on real locations) are vague enough for a viewer to imagine it located wherever feels familiar.

Keeping this interpretive freedom for the viewer allows the artist to directly convey the feeling behind the works, rather than their literal representational value. All drafted from mixed media, the City Block Series uses Acrylic, Gesso, Watercolor, Ink, and Charcoal to generate a breadth of textures and values to create the enveloping sense of magnitude in each work. An expression of personal nostalgia.

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