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Tiffany Reid

I am a Canadian contemporary abstract artist. Being from the Pacific Northwest and experiencing the dramatic weather in the area such as cold winters and sensational storms, my work is heavily inspired by the currents of the ocean that serve to guide the weather, as well as the gravity of nature that one feels so strongly.

As such, my paintings contain a compelling evocation of the delicate balance of chaos and order, as can be found in weather and earth systems. I also emphasize the natural connection between the heart of man and the forces of nature. Using a unique and non-traditional techniques involving various media such as isopropyl, textured pastes, resin, and recycled materials, I am able to create luscious paintings filled with bright organic bubbles of colors as well as sensuous textured surfaces that recall both the rugged power and fragile beauty of the natural world simultaneously.

I seek to create an emotional and sensorial journey for the viewer, allowing them to be transported to an unimaginable place where they can lose themselves.

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