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Sanam Khani

With a background in painting and sculpture, my photography reflects my fascination with texture, form, and the natural world. Through my lens, I seek to create multilayered images that challenge viewers to reconsider their perspectives of the world. Whether capturing the crisp and clear mirror image of a picturesque shoreline or a surreal dream-like merging of what lies above and below the water's surface, my images invite viewers to reflect upon their own perspective.

As an experienced multidisciplinary artist, I use my skills to elegantly represent reflections and present a powerful metaphor for the need for self-reflection. By showcasing serene images of nature's reflections, I hope to inspire viewers to take a moment to reflect on their own lives - philosophically, culturally, politically, and emotionally.

My work is to inspire viewers to pause and consider the world around them, and their place within it. Through the mesmerizing  and translucent interplay of light and water, I encourage viewers to engage in a deeper level of introspection and self-awareness, leading to personal growth and positive change. Each photograph is an opportunity to explore the intricate interplay between natural elements and our own perceptions, and to find beauty and meaning in the world around us.

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