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Lubov Soltan

‘My paintings are inspired by places I’ve seen and felt. The medium and the technique are enlivened by the subject and how I see it: the history, the atmosphere, the colours, the smells— every place has left me with a unique experience, and that in turn made every painting I have created distinct in its own way.’

Belarusian-born student of Fine Art, who favours the malleable nature of oil painting. Drawing inspiration from the volatility of the human condition and the varied places she’s called home, Lubov’s subject matter fittingly ranges from the romantic rainy cityscapes of Toronto Old Town to the dark and ethereal inner worlds of the soul.

After exhibiting in her hometown Lubov became immersed in the world of tech and design, a career that drew her first across Europe then to Toronto, and inspired a passion for graphic art along the way.

Now an established Product Designer in Vancouver, Canada, she is keen to rekindle her “artist origin story” and once again explore more tactile mediums.

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