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Anna Lisniak

As an abstract artist, I create bold and vibrant pieces that serve as a powerful statement in any space they are brought in. My art stands for the bravery and freedom of being true self, reflecting the unique character of each individual who chooses to own it. In my work, I use glass paint to create multilayered and deep compositions that change the look and feel of the art throughout the day. With each unfolding layer it transforms, inviting viewers to connect with the piece on a personal level and in doing so, to know themselves a little better.’ 

Anna Lisniak is a Ukrainian-born abstract artist who now resides in Vancouver, BC, after moving to Canada in 2022. Anna's journey as a professional artist began in 2015, following some challenging times that ultimately led her from a 15-year career in product design to a path of self-discovery through art.

Her signature style is defined by the multilayered bold strokes of glass paint, her medium of choice, which aim to highlight the vibrancy, versatility, and uniqueness of the viewer's authentic self. Each work promotes a sense of courage and the freedom to be oneself—a sentiment she hopes to share with her collectors.

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