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Lynn Copeland

In my own surroundings and during my travels, beyond landscapes and urban icons, I try to capture the essence and emotion of place. My interests are in the harmony, simplicity, complexity and messiness of the natural and manufactured world.

I look for patterns both realistic and abstract. These may be clean lines, simple designs or complex patterns. Light, shape, text and graphics form elements of these works. They may have a quality of mystery, and the place or subject may not be immediately identifiable. The viewer may understand the image further by looking deeper into the picture, or by looking through a barrier into the picture. The picture may not tell the whole story and the viewer may need to fill in or extrapolate.

I am struck by the similarities in nature and the manufactured world in line, shape, colour, and texture. Water reflections provide a transitional zone, being natural yet reflecting the manufactured world.
In this way I try to understand the world we live in and how we connect with it. Why despite a sense of alienation are we drawn to the urban landscape?
I am an avid photographer using digital cameras and Photoshop to create my images.

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