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David Beaver

David Beaver is a Victoria-based poet and photographer whose current show at the Gallery George, “Finn Slough: The Freedom of the Coast”, looks at a different way of living in the tiny B. C. coastal village of Finn Slough. David has mounted several previous solo photography shows in Vancouver: “Leaves in the Stream”, featuring autumn leaves under flowing water, and “Swimmers and Floaters”, a bird’s eye views of swimmers at Kitsilano Beach Pool. In his photographic work, David strives to reveal fresh perspectives about the natural world and society.

David has also published a number of poetry books: “No Free Rides”, a collection of poems about cab driving; and “Seeing Ghosts” (2021), a mix of poems and images about the life of an inner-city bookstore. David is passionate about ekphrastic writing (poetry inspired by visual images), and often combines words with photographic images to enhance meaning.

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