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Chelsea Bradshaw

An abstract painter living and creating in North Vancouver, Chelsea Ann Bradshaw’s work is inspired by her faith, her surroundings, and the joy of creating. Her relationship with Jesus is the foundation of her life and her art. The displayed work belongs to her Shepherd collection, a reflection on Psalm 23 and the deep hope to be with and like our Shepherd… Sometimes life feels isolating, or overwhelmingly chaotic- with no moments to breathe and no moments between. In between moments can be big or small— the unplanned… the uneventful… the mundane. It’s easy to hate the in between, but the in between is actually where I most easily meet my Shepherd.

A Shepherd who is Provider. Protector. Guide. Someone who sits with me in the waiting. Who sits in the storm of anxiety with me and calms it in an instant. These pieces were created in moments of stillness and slowness. In moments of recognition of who my Creator is. A contemplative process– a pause–a moment in between. The in between is often the only peace in each day, characterized by the refreshing feeling of sitting in the hands of my Shepherd who is the ultimate care giver. Who never fails to provide, or protect, or redeem.

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