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Krystal Charlston

Krystal Charlston is an artist from Langley, British Columbia, who creates artwork that explores what our cities might look like in the future. She uses photography to spark curiosity and make people think about what lies ahead. Charlston has a method where she reflects original pictures four times, creating surreal and futuristic images that give a fresh perspective on everyday scenes.

Her inspiration comes from photos she took while wandering the streets of Vancouver, and her goal is to start conversations about the potential changes our cities may undergo. Her art encourages viewers to imagine unlimited possibilities and question the boundaries of our urban landscapes. Charlston works with various mediums like sculptures, installations, photographs, and videos, and she incorporates an educational element into her work. With a teaching background, she challenges traditional ideas about education in Canada and sheds light on the common struggles students face.

Her artwork also challenges traditional beliefs about gender by redefining femininity and masculinity through a focus on femininity. Charlston has earned several qualifications, including an EDAS certificate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2016, a BFA in 2022, and a BEd with a minor in secondary teaching from Simon Fraser University in 2023. She has been a practicing educator in the Langley School District since 2017 and incorporates her playful experiences in education into her art.

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