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Juniper Miller

Juniper's talent has garnered widespread recognition evident through awards in the two competitions he entered: Lens Culture and National Geographic. These achievements stand as a testament to his unyielding commitment. Juniper recently photographed Havana Cuba walking solo 10 hours a day for ten days in a row. This was a tribute to his late photography sponsor Paul Deane whom lived an honourable and generous life.

Juniper looks for visual stories; he aims for a photograph to speak without words and touch the heart. He has kept his work straight photography free from AI creations, heavy editing and composites. Juniper has kept over 90% of his work in a private group with plans to reveal them to the right galleries. Juniper has cultivated a global portfolio that spans Greece, Hungary, Türkiye, Haida Gwaii, Vancouver BC, Alberta, The Kootenays, Varanasi, Kerala, Mumbai and Cuba. He Lives in the Slocan Valley BC. with his three daughters.

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