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Belinda McNiece

Belinda Mcneice is a west coast artist based in Anmore B.C. She embraces the lifestyle of plein air painting, travelling to different locales to capture the transcendent beauty of nature. Her passion for art drives her to share her unique perspective with the world. Belinda believes in the importance of education and continues to immerse herself into workshops and mentorship programmes.

Through thoughtful exploration of colour texture and light, Belinda brings to life the inspiring scenes that she captures. In her paintings, Belinda conveys a depth of emotion and feeling, inviting viewers to find a connection with each work of art. Belinda is a Signature member of the Federation of Canadian artists and her work has been featured in many local and international exhibitions as well as private collections. Artist Statement “Whenever I am creating, I also take a journey, to the places I have experienced.

Travelling and being in the moment are essential elements to my practice, as these same feelings often carry the work to fruition. I strive to evoke a sense of curiosity, joy and energy through my work; I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings and the beauty that lies in nature, My art is a reflection of my spirit, and I’m overjoyed to share it with you.”

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