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Randy Oliver

I’m 72 years young and I’ve been making art since before high school. The question I get asked the most is “ what inspires you”? My answer is always the same. “ Life inspires me”. Now this is where it gets complicated because I believe that the concept of life, as I refer to it, is divided into two basic categories; nature and people - of which these have many sub-categories. Many artists attribute their inspiration to nature. My own inspiration is tied to nature as well, but I’m also inspired by the human experience and how it relates to the perception and sharing of common values.

All artists are generally inspired by life in some form or another. I believe that the really important question to be asked of artists should be : what motivates you to express yourself? The thing that motivates me is a constant desire to expand my own personal creative boundaries and most importantly to surprise myself within an aesthetic framework of what fine art is, and hopefully in doing so surprise others who see my work. My art is in constant change, because I continue to strive for new directions to express myself. I’m interested in conveying emotion in my work and I try to create an energized movement that gives life to an emotion within each painting.

Randy Oliver is formally trained in fine art from the University of Alberta and The University of British Columbia. His studio is located in Vancouver. The abstractions in this exhibition deliver a feeling of movement and excitement. His work in general includes both abstract and representational paintings. He has been involved in a number of juried and group exhibitions and is scheduled for a solo exhibition in August 2024 at The Gallery at Queens Park in New Westminster BC.

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