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Frank Pochyly

Frank Pochyly was born, 1966 in what is now known as the Czech Republic, One of his first creative endeavors was to design and manufacture his own line of skiwear, featuring “bright and bold lines and colors of the mid-80”s”.

Has received several awards for his early work sold works at Federation of Canadian artists, also high level commissions such as Trinity Western University. Today he uses similar bright and strong colors and has developed a definite style.

Frank discovered a loose style of painting when he painted, using oils only He has a wide range in subsect matter but his style is highly distinctive. He remembers feeling that “each piece was a celebration of a passion lost and then found” He sends words of advice in a poem: "If you’ve lost your desire for culture, art or anything, You must go where it thrives and surrounds you. Make this place your home".

'I only paint in oils. Pictures just come naturally I see things differently painting fast helps me settle down escape from the norm , I want to share it with people who cant see what I see. I differ in subject matter I paint what I feel.'

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