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Camila Pabon

Maria Camila Pabón (born 1970) draws her creative energy from the ordinary, finding profound beauty in the everyday objects and structures that surround us. With a keen eye for detail, she captures the essence of these elements— their shapes, rhythms, and the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. Her work is born from a meticulous and attentive examination of surfaces, revealing a kaleidoscopic nature: the closer one looks, the more new shapes and overlays emerge.

This serves as a metaphor for her pursuit of an elusive truth—an ongoing, relentless inquiry that neither concludes nor satisfies. Pabón's pieces stem from a practice of geometric abstraction. Contingent objects transform into overlapping planes in multiple directions. Her exploration of textures from various crafts and the vibrant colors of Colombia—derived from its tropical fauna, flora, and the fusion of indigenous, African, and European traditions—unveil her rich aesthetic and cultural background.

Currently residing in Canada, Pabón's art serves as a bridge between two worlds—the tropical sensibility of her homeland and the structured order of her adopted country. It is a reflection on the universal language of geometry and abstraction, intertwined with personal narratives and a sense of longing for the familiar.

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