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Amanda Maglis

Amanda is an artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She is an acrylic painter who’s love of nature has inspired her bright and vivid paintings. Amanda’s home surroundings in both the city and the nearby mountains have influenced her painting style, a mixture of concise solid lines and strong blended colors. Amanda’s paintings are an intense and dramatic combination of acrylic paint on canvas with the use of mixed media, which is removed in the final stages of completion. Her style encompasses a combination of flowing design and an eye for detail.

The process always starts with time spent outdoors, observing and photographing her surroundings. She continues in the studio, using memory, photographs and her own subtle invention to compose her pieces. Amanda aims for the highest quality as she consistently attempts to push her boundaries, while staying true to her clean line style. Amanda studied Graphic Design at ACAD, and Engineering Design and Drafting Technology at SAIT in Calgary, AB.

These very different backgrounds have greatly influenced her style and process. Her paintings are distinct and instantly recognizable as her own. She has shown in galleries and art shows across the country. Amanda’s paintings are found in private collections across Canada, the United States and Germany.

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