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Patricia Sandberg

Patricia Sandberg’s childhood in Canada’s north and a lifetime near water inspire her. Her deep love for and desire to protect the environment form the core theme of her art.

She creates abstract visions of the natural world and her emotional responses to it. Working intuitively, she layers acrylic paint and other media to create the organic shapes and line, expressive colour, and rhythm characteristic of her work.

Recent juried exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Hycroft Gallery, group exhibitions at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery where several pieces received Honourable Mentions, Langley’s 'artSpacific, and online competitions. Painting for a few years in the 1990s she was selected for a two-person exhibition at The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. She returned to painting in 2021 after a career in law.
She hopes that viewers feel the joy in her paintings and share her desire to protect this precious earth.

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