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Bob Prosser

I am a photographer with 12 years of experience in digital image capture and post-processing. My areas of interest include landscape, street, still-life, abstract and conceptual photography. I try to find beauty and deeper meaning in the familiar and to convey that, sometimes through abstraction and/ or humour. In recent years I’ve been creating lens-based images as well as photographs.

Each piece is built from one or more photographs -- combined in Photoshop. Sometimes I add text. The result may be an abstract, a painting-like image, a poster or a collage. Although they are human creations, cities include built environments in which people can seem insignificant.

Entering Quiet Alley with Red Bag reflects this in terms of scale and viewpoint while attempting to provide a reminder that all of us bring something unique and special to city life: a simple splash of colour is still a gift.

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