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Sneha Sansare

My name is Sneha Sansare. I was born & brought up in India and migrated to Canada in 2017 with my family. Since my childhood, I have been obsessed with art and like to bring something new into existence. I have started exploring this world again after a gap of several years, while running behind my career. I am a self-taught artist and trying my hands at acrylic, watercolors, and oil medium.

I work in BC Ministry and art is my favorite hobby, where I spend time after work or on weekends. I always like to challenge myself. I love to travel, so capturing pictures of different places, putting them on canvas to create landscapes, still life paintings and filling it with pretty colors is what I like the most. Being a daydreamer, it helps me in my creative practice to create beautiful & innovative art & craft. The current exhibition is mainly consist of paintings from my recent travel to Europe and Japan.

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