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Ron Legault

Ron, a Canadian, has been an artist all his life and has a passion for all things visual. After graduating in graphic design he travelled extensively through Europe, Israel, Brazil, and Asia before finding himself in Hong Kong. After decades working there as a Creative Director i the publishing industry he eventually relocated to Vancouver where he is now based.

He spends his time in his Mount Pleasant studio. For Ron, the main purpose of his art is pleasure. The thrill achieved from free experimentation, playing with colour, texture and images is absolutely the best feeling. Just let the art decided where to go. He works in acrylic. Never getting stuck in the same old routine he is constantly trying new ideas and creative concepts. this particular series was inspired by the Divas and Femme Fatales of the Golden Age. And what a joy it was to produce! He loves bold use of color and free spontaneous brush stokes.

He strives to keep his work contemporary and enjoys the innovative use of typography and engaging images. Always searching for a unique creative challenge keeps him moving forward. Ron’s hope is that the joy and enthusiasm he experiences creating his art is felt and enjoyed by the viewer.

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