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Kelsey Renee

Kelsy Renee Schumacher has invariably expressed herself through
creativity. Her passion for colour, design and authenticity are congruent
with her personality. She now resides in Abbotsford, BC with her high
school sweetheart and their four fantastic kids.

Kelsy grew up sketching, creating collages, taking photos, making braided
jewellery and painting. Once entering motherhood, her creativity only grew.
She took Acrylics 101 at UofS where her final was one of the chosen to be
shown in the university gallery for a 3-month term. She turned to fibre art as
a new way of expressing herself. She’s been honing her fibre art style,
developing her own voice/brand and scaling her small art business for 3+
years now.

At the beginning of 2023 her most beloved ‘Honeycomb’ was selected to be
a part of the ‘Women in Art’ Exhibition at the Kariton Art Gallery. In June a
handful of her tapestries were accepted into ‘The Great Escape’ Exhibition
at the Gallery George in Vancouver. Find inspiration and spirit woven
through each uniquely designed fibre art piece.

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