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David Sandquist

I have been an artist all my life. I began as a young child drawing highly detailed pictures of the stuffed birds in my Grandmother’s apartment (my Grandpa had been an avid bird hunter). I began painting in my early teens, starting with acrylics, but soon began trying oils. I then switched to watercolours which took me a while to get used to, but it soon became my medium of choice. I have recently returned to acrylics after my discovery of acrylic mediums allowing for the vibrant colours and that still "wet" look of oil paint, but with low odour and the easy cleanup of watercolour.

Over the years, my subject matter has varied but with a primary focus on landscapes, especially of water, although I have recently branched into wildlife painting, with a current focus on fish. Painting fish under water in their natural environment has allowed me to continue my exploration of water as subject matter, but now from below the surface where light and colour act differently as the light passes through the water surface.

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