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Julia DiSano

My work aims to express the beauty and grandeur of our coastal landscapes. And the sense that we, as humans, are only able to grasp a small fragment of what we see (and what is unseen). To some extent, Nature, with its ever-changing weather systems, and endlessly moving ebb and flow of the tide, is eternal and unknowable. Everything is a process of being and becoming.

Appreciating that I can only encapsulate brief snippets of Nature's enduring history, I aim to take those moments and translate them, along with the emotions they evoke within me, into paint on canvas.

Full of movement and change. Sublime and somewhat veiled. Like painted fragments in time. I love the quote by Rene Magritte, 'Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.' It is that mystery and longing within me, and within all humans, that calls us to seek out answers, manifested in a tangible form. My work is a combination of purposeful brushstrokes, shapes, and lines, mixed with organic free flow of the paint. I allow the natural elements of the paint to work their magic, pooling and running, just as Nature does, without restraint.

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