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Ivor Levin

There was always a camera in the house when I was growing up. I took many snap shots during family
gatherings, trips and holidays. During the last 15 years my passion for photography deepened.
Along came digital and social media. These intrigued me to look more closely and study other
photographers and their work.
It prompted me to look at my surroundings with more of an artistic eye.
I like simplicity, nothing too cluttered. Most of my images have one or two focal points.
I’m interested in most genres, but am particularly attracted to urban geometry and street photography. I look

for lines, shapes, shadows and geometry within the urban landscape and try to have a human element within that landscape.

My artistic vision is to keep my compositions simple and portray to the viewer a “wow factor” or decisive

I am self-taught and keep post processing to a minimal.
I’m super excited to be featured, together with other members of PhotoClub Vancouver, in this exhibition.

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