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Shannon Halliday

My art is abstract and wild by nature. A form of acrylic painting using a variety of methods to create the illusion of flow and movement. Art that is deeply inspired by nature.

Especially by the sea and the trees. I love capturing the wildness of nature on canvas and the interconnection to all things. The Tree Series has been inspired by learning how trees communicate with each other under the soil. The guiding intention of my art is to support Rewilding. It is my belief that Rewilding comes in many forms and the more we can share our stories, connect with nature and support those who directly support Rewilding, the better.

Donations are made on behalf of each painting sold and have included endeavours such as urban gardens, wildlife rehabilitation, reforestation and species protection. I grew up surrounded by nature and animals on a farm in the Lower Mainland, spent many years in Europe and presently live in East Van with my husband, son and two cats.

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