Carla Tak

Born in Holland in 1953, Carla Tak is a Canadian artist known for her intricate and involving abstract works that use colour, impasto and gestural force to convey private associations.

Tak was raised in West Vancouver where she developed a strong, independent point of view from an early age. At 12, she took an intense interest in Picasso’s art and creative life. At 14, she quit high school to attend the Bavanah Art School and at 15 moved into a loft in Gastown when the area was still derelict and home to many artists and the growing countercultural scene. The following year, Tak decided to move to Los Angeles with an American sculptor twice her age. Eventually, she’d also live in New York and Florida and become a mother. For almost three decades, Tak’s creative artistry remained nascent while life intervened.

Carla Tak maintains a full-time studio practice in Vancouver’s historic 1000 Parker Building where she works six days a week unless she’s visiting her three grandchildren in Los Angeles. Along with her husband Chris, Tak is an avid patron of the arts and private collector.