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Luciana Alvarez

Luciana Alvarez has had no lack of passion for beauty and art in her life. Born and raised in Chile and Spain, she was exposed to a life enriched with art, history and cosmopolitan modernism.

The desire to embark on an inspired path of visual creation was sparked in her very early on. Throughout her extensive career as a professional painter, Luciana has shown her works in local and international galleries, magazines, restaurants, festivals, boutiques, promotions, and charity benefits. She graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, British Columbia. A world traveler, Luciana considers each canvas a page of her journal, a visual documentation of her unique world perspective.

Bursting in vibrant color, whimsical movement, warm textures, and historic relevance, her depictions of the urban scenes and natural landscapes are organic and flowing. Even inanimate objects have the rich character and vibrating essence of the human spirit.

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