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Justin Lloyd

I spent my youth in Ontario, and now reside in British Columbia. After formal training in Graphic Design and Marketing, I began a professional art career where I assisted in the development of over 50 products for e-commerce funnel marketing, including but not limited to designing logos, packages, websites, advertisements, product and lifestyle photography, ebooks, instruction manuals and newsletters. I have designed clothing graphics for large clothing companies, sold dozens of art pieces through agents in my early 20’s to stores such as Walmart, HomeSense, Sears, HomeDepot and many others major North American distributors.

After editing the work of hundreds of artists for commercial distribution, I developed two of my own products MyDrinkingGame, and the The Edibles Kit, a cooking kit which educates adults how to infuse THC from cannabis into food and cosmetic products.

I have written, and illustrated 12 children’s books, the first has been signed to an American publisher. Since 2021, I worked as Creative Director on the Amazon best seller book Pursuit:365. Lately, I have been illustrating colouring books, converting over 300+ Indigenous Paintings into colouring books for Canada’s largest art company, located in Richmond BC, CAP & Winn Devon.

To say I love to create would be an understatement, I live for it.

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