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Alice Jang

Through this series of artwork, Jang invites you to take a deep dive into self-reflection and contemplation. The artwork showcased here serves as a reminder of the significance of human connection and the power of communication. Through the act of communication, we not only learn from one another but also evolve as individuals. It is through these exchanges that we can share our knowledge, emotions, and experiences, fostering growth and unity.

This collection of art pieces showcases the beauty and complexity of these interactions. Regardless of age or background, the essence of life lies in these moments of unity and connection. In each stroke of paint and every sculpted form, we witness the natural flow of life and the relationships that blossom within those connections.

Join her as she delves into the profound impact of communication and the love that flourishes within these bonds. Leave with a deeper appreciation for the power of interaction and the beauty of our shared experiences.    

Jang obtained her Visual Arts/Science Degrees from University of British Columbia, and received various trainings from Emily Carr and Columbia University in NY. Jang also participated in the Malaspina Printmakers' Artist Residency program from 2019-2022 and took part in various group exhibitions & solo show in the past. 

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